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In similar fashion heart valves and other tissues must be capable of bearing various forces. The steps involved in culturing and studying these tissues in a laboratory are many and varied: from culturing cells and producing carrier materials, to tissue analysis and testing. The research that takes places here extends across the full spectrum of the field of tissue engineering.

Facilities include a fully equipped cell culture room ideal for elaborate experimental tissue engineering. Tissues are tested exhaustively for their mechanical properties and durability. Also the carrier materials, on which the cells are deposited to form tissue, can be made here.

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A fully blindable microscopy room is equipped with state-of-the-art confocal and fluorescence microscopes for the detailed analysis of cells and the tissues formed. The research facilitated by the laboratory has produced various successful spin-offs. Through this selection process a heart valve made of the body's own material is created; unlike artificial heart valves this never needs replacing.

It is primarily the laboratory's breadth of activities that makes it unique in the Netherlands. Every step in the research process - from the development of carrier materials to the analysis of the tissue grown - is catered for. Since various research groups within the Department of Biomedical Engineering use these facilities, a rich cross-fertilization of ideas and knowledge takes place.

Molecular, Cell, and Tissue Engineering

This creates a unique breeding ground for innovations. The laboratory is used mainly by research groups and the research partners of the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

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The spin-offs arising from this research also enjoy access. The laboratory is not available to external parties. The CMEM offers unique facilities for the study of soft materials and uses the knowledge gained to develop synthetic materials. The CWTe facilitates research on wireless systems and antennas, raising the Internet of Things to a higher level.

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  • The Darcy Lab offers unique MRI facilities specially equipped for researching the properties of technological porous materials. In the Future Fuels Lab scientists are researching green fuels and cleaner combustion methods for engines. The High Capacity Optical Transmission Lab facilitates research on innovative optical fibers and signal processing techniques to enable The Multiscale Lab facilitates research on the deformation and failure behavior of composite materials.

    Strong theoretical and technical skills within the fields of lab-on-a-chip, organ regeneration, basic cell biology concepts, and system engineering. Research Assistant for Mammalian Cell Engineering. Techniques used include engineering of mammalian cell lines, flow cytometry analysis of mammalian cells , and time-lapse microscopy movies of mammalian cells. Biogen reviews.

    The project will involve extensive tissue culture, cell engineering , molecular biology and assay optimization. Legal authorization to work in the U.

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    Research Associate - Bioengineering and Cell Biology. Maintaining human and mouse cell lines in tissue culture.

    Familiar with basic cell and molecular biology techniques including mammalian cell culture, PCR,…. Kite Pharma 19 reviews.

    Tissue Engineering

    Specifically, you will be part of a cell biology research team focused on engineering approaches to enhance CAR T anti-tumor activity. Associate Scientist Cell Culture.

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    CFD Research Corporation 4 reviews. Nationwide Children's Hospital reviews. Research experience in molecular biology, cell biology, tissue engineering and animal handling. The successful candidate will have extensive previous experience…. Allergan 1, reviews.

    Techniques employed will include animal surgery, in vivo imaging, cell culture, microplate reader, microscopy, PCR, ELISA, histology, and flow cytometry…. Postdoctoral Fellow - Center for Engineering in Medicine. Center for Engineering in Medicine. About Center for Engineering in Medicine. A gastrointestinal cell biology, physiology, and pathophysiology;. Partners HealthCare - save job - more Penn State University reviews. In chemical engineering , biomedical engineering , materials science and engineering , biological engineering , chemistry, and other relevant fields are invited to….